Marco Narzisi: Free journalism, fake news and Truth in the age of WordPress [WCGVA 2022]

  • Il Post: free content (Italian), they explain facts, good explanations, no ads.
  • Open: founded by Enrico Mentana, non-profit. Brings young readers close to information, fact-checking. They have ads, donations.
  • Gas social: (Ticino): social and political criticism, non profit association, membership fees, subscription for paid content, donations.
  • Lercio: obviously satirical (announced)
  • Pit poisoners: money through ads with clickbait titles. Sensational news with no verification.
  • Impressum/Team info (usually missing on misleading websites)
  • Article author indicated on each author
  • Real webdesign versus basic template
  • Images: serious websites use an agency and show credits. If it’s just ripped from the web, beware.
  • Also look for: fact-checking, corrections when mistakes are made.



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Stephanie Booth

Stephanie Booth

Anglo-Swiss. Digital communications and strategy. Lausanne. Feline Diabetes. Other random stuff.