• Niall O’Gorman

    Niall O’Gorman

    #Impulse #Ecommerce #Innovation in #Enterprise & #Startups

  • Delphine Ménard ≈

    Delphine Ménard ≈

    intercultural musings, always learning, discovering. I work around the world. I come from experience.

  • Nicolas Berg

    Nicolas Berg

    I am probably working for Questli or Redalpine or just relaxing

  • Ling-en Hsia

    Ling-en Hsia

    Blogueur ☆ Entrepreneur ☆ Chrétien

  • Martine Pagé

    Martine Pagé

    Screenwriter living in Montreal (film, TV, Web). Scénariste, conceptrice, rédactrice.

  • Jason Falls

    Jason Falls

    Writer & published author. Marketing strategist & podcaster. Father & mediocre boyfriend. I think I’m funny, too.

  • Julie Coudry

    Julie Coudry

    Entrepreneur & French specialist of labour market mutations. Founder & CEO @Jobmaker_

  • tehu


    Arpenteur du Web. Ramasse quelques coquillages.

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